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Venus in Pisces, Mars in Cancer Your Venus is in a Water sign and your Mars is in a Water sign. Venus in Water, Mars in Water (Romantic Water, Watery Desires): You are most receptive to emotional expressions of affection Venus in Pisces, Mars in Cancer. Venus in Pisces ♓︎ in the Natal Chart. Colors: Pearl, Holographic, Silver. Artistic Skill: Jewelry Making. Individuals with Venus in Pisces in the natal chart often remind people of unicorns. They often dress in pearlescent or holographic types of clothing and jewelry adding to their magical persona. This placement lends to artistic talent and escapist. If you have Mars in Cancer with Venus in Pisces you are . . . The Hazy Home Body. Y ours is a very delicate sexuality. Your keen sensitivity to the feelings of others, good and bad, often forces you to shy away from making real connections. It's not just that you fear being hurt. You also fear hurting other people. You understand that not everyone can handle your deep, heart-felt response to sexual stimuli or your enormous capacity for love. So you hold back, try and keep your. Venus in Pisces, Mars in Cancer Compatibility. Flowing together like a peaceful waterfall, Venus in Pisces and Mars in Cancer share a harmonious understanding between them that has an almost mystical component. Their relationship has an emotional and spiritual depth that gives them each a safe and welcoming space to gather support and sustenance

If you have Mars in Pisces with Venus in Cancer you are... The Erratic Love Addict You are one of the great Lovers of all-time; warm, affectionate, supremely sensual and devastatingly sexy From the watery depths of the sea emerges the Cancerian Venus and Mars combo, ready to nurture, relate, imagine and dream. Venus in Cancer desires a relationship that provides security, emotional connection and a safe place to nest, nurture and maintain the traditions of family and the past. This Venus thrives when it has something or someone to take care of, and its protective and loyal nature provides a soothing and nourishing retreat for others The Fiery and Masculine energy of Mars in Cancer will give you bravery to face more fears. You will feel more capable and equipped when Mars is in your Sign. You may be a homebody, but you know how to make your man feel like King of the Castle

In the natal astrological chart, Venus and Mars are the go to planets of love and relationship. More than almost any other signature in the chart, these planets (and their aspects and house placements), give clues as to how you like to do love (Venus) and do sex (Mars) More specifically: Venus in Aries, Mars in Cancer: While you are direct and spontaneous on one hand, you can also be completely indirect and self-protective on the other. Although you are sexually aroused by nurturing and intimacy, part of you feels smothered and suffocated at the same time. Constancy in partnership satisfies your deepest instincts, yet spontaneity and excitement are equally as important ingredients in romance. You may have a hard time figuring out what you want, and.

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Like a gentle rainfall, Venus in Cancer and Mars in Pisces create a watery flow between them that is calm and healing. This couple has a wordless synergy that allows them to effortlessly intuit what the other is thinking and feeling Likes: As a Venus in Pisces individual you are often attracted to new age spirituality, crystals, oracle cards, and energy healing. You have a natural attraction to the vibration of spiritual objects tending to fill your life with anything that gives you a sense of enlightenment. There is a tendency to be influenced by spiritual teachers and gurus or become one yourself Mars in Cancer mars in cancer In matters of the heart the imaginative, dreamy poet is gentle, careful, caring and rather slow - yet eventually becoming quite devoted

Venus in Libra, Mars in Cancer Your Venus is in an Air sign and your Mars is in a Water sign. Venus in Air, Mars in Water (Romantic Air, Watery Desires): In matters of the heart, you are a youthful, intelligent, and passionate lover, or you are magnetically drawn to partners with these qualities While Venus in Cancer can become insular, narrowly focused on their own needs and those of their close family, a Venus in Pisces partner could encourage Venus in Cancer to broaden their outlook and extend compassion to a broader circle. Venus in Pisces, however, would secretly appreciate the more direct nurturing Venus in Cancer gives See More Venus-Mars Sign Combinations: Back to Venus-Mars Combinations chart. Venus in Capricorn, Mars in Cancer Your Venus is in an Earth sign and your Mars is in a Water sign. Venus in Earth, Mars in Water (Romantic Earth, Watery Desires): You want stability and reliability in your relationships, but you also require emotional bonding and intimacy. Your partner is of immense importance to you, and you are helpful and kind to him or her. You are affectionate and sensual rather than wildly. Venus in Pisces can focus too much on the idea of love and sometimes fall in love, or the idea of love, too easily. This can be a problem and cause her to become easily hurt. Losing oneself is common among the Venus in Pisces because they tend to adapt the moods of their partners and have poor boundaries. This leads to merging lives with their partner and disappointment when things end up.

If you have Mars in Pisces with Venus in Pisces you are . . . The Automatic Love Addict. Y ou are a Lover driven by passions more powerful and more extraordinary than most people can even imagine. You are never at peace, never fully satisfied. Even in the happiest relationship you are always seeking more, always jockeying for a new emotional high I'm a virgo sun, aquarius moon, scorpio venus, cancer in mars, and aquarius rising girl. My boyfriend is Gemini sun, leo moon, cancer venus, Taurus mars, and virgo rising. We met years ago but he never approached me even though we saw each other more than enough times and then all of a sudden he contacts me on facebook saying he's liked me for a long time(the feeling was mutual). We've. If you have Mars in Cancer with Venus in Aries you are... The Hurry Home Body You are the most confrontational of the Mars in Cancer Lovers

If you have Mars in Cancer with Venus in Cancer you are . . . The Happy Home Body S ex is a powerful and not always comforting force within your life. It can carry you away to unimaginable heights of pleasure and it can also leave you emotionally devastated, all in the same afternoon Pisces; Comments; Forums; Images; Search; Shop; Login; Forums. Astrology forum. Attraction based on Mars/Venus (Men/Women) The position of Venus in a man's chart, by sign. If a man's Venus is in Aries, he is often attracted to a tomboyish w. By enfant_terrible — July 14, 2012 9 :47pm — 74 replies. You are on page . out of 5. Add new topic Astrology forum. Related Forums. Aquarius - 4 days. I'm sure I can show other examples, but I have Mars/Venus conjunct in Cancer and I keep coming up with Venus stuff. Though, well, for me it's hard to separate them. (ha ha ha) Reply ↓ Saghorse15 on June 22, 2009 at 11:28 am said: *waves claw* Mars in Cancer! Defends women and children! I was hanging out with a guy who was insulting his wife to me last night and man, did I get pissed off. The Mars in Cancer person may also test the romantic waters by making comments that can be interpreted as platonic or romantic. If the response is romantic, they're safe to proceed. If not, they saved themselves some possible embarrassment. A favorite move for the Mars in Cancer woman is to ask favors of a man she finds attractive to see if he is interested in her. If he offers to help, he is.

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Venus in Pisces, Mars in Cancer Compatibility

15 Pisces: 16-20 Virgo: Jupiter: Sagittarius, Pisces: 5 Cancer: 5 Capricorn: 0-10 Sagittarius: Venus: Libra: 27 Pisces: 27 Virgo : 0-15 Libra: Saturn: Capricorn, Aquarius: 20 Libra: 20 Aries: 0-20 Aquarius: Debilation point is opposite to the exaltation point. Natural Planetary Frienships Planetary friendships applies in dignity evaluation if the planet in question is not in own sign. Mars in Cancer and Acting . Mars Cancer people play on and with emotions, making many of them natural performers. Actress Penelope Cruz (Taurus with Mars Cancer) says of her childhood, I remember playing with some friends and being aware that I was acting playing with them--I would think of a character and pretend to be someone else Mars in Cancer Personality. With Mars in Cancer, the strength of a person is manifested within the realm of the emotions. These natives may use guilt or emotional blackmail to achieve their objectives. They are unlikely to be direct in achieving their aims preferring to use guilt or subtle manipulation. People with Mars in Cancer will show. The Mars in Cancer man, being so sensitive and emotional as he is, intuition is highly advanced, to a level that grants him near omniscience as far as cold reading goes. He knows what he wants from life and he has the ambition and perseverance to see it all done before his very eyes

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  1. cancer. capricorn. leo. aquarius. virgo. pisces. Aries Sabian Symbols: 1 A woman rises out of the water, a seal rises and embraces her 2 A comedian entertaining a group. 3 A cameo profile of a man, in the outline of his country 4 Two lovers strolling through a secluded walk. 5 A triangle with wings. 6 A square brightly lighted on one side. 7 A man successfully expressing himself in two realms.
  2. Explore the natal birth charts of celebrities and famous people by the planetary position of Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto! Or the asteriod position of Chiron, Juno, Vesta, Pallas, etc! You can also search for multiple planets in a chart at a time by using the Advanced Search
  3. Venus enters Pisces, the sign of her exaltation from February 10 until March 6. Venus is considered exalted in the sign of Pisces and Venusian matters like love, music, art, beauty, money, pleasure and attraction have an easier time expressing themselves when she travels here
  4. MARS IN CANCER DRIVES AND PASSIONS: The urge to put down firm roots, create a secure home base and build a close-knit family is exceptionally strong when Mars falls in Cancer. These people have a powerful nurturing drive, which means they often end up in some kind of 'parent/protector' role. Mars in Cancer people have access to huge amounts of energy and motivation when they find.
  5. Venus (Venus symbol.svg) is the ruling planet of Taurus and Libra and is exalted in Pisces. In roman mythology, Venus is the goddess of love and beauty, famous for the passions she could stir among the gods. Her cults may represent the religiously legitimate charm and seduction of the divine by mortals, in contrast to the formal, contractual relations between most members of Rome's official.
  6. ed in the light of reason or by simple reference to the system that brought about exaltations in the first place. The most direct technical answer to the question . why is Venus exalted in Pisces.' is to note that it's opposite the Fall of Venus in Virgo.

Venus in Cancer, Mars in Cancer compatibility

Gemini sun, Leo moon, Virgo rising, Cancer venus, Pisces mars. #moodboard #astrology #astrology moodboard #aesthetic #gemini #gemini sun #leo #leo moon #virgo #virgo rising #cancer #cancer venus #pisces #pisces mars. 16 notes. astrologyandlife. Follow. how to appeal to the venus signs. aries: try new things, act playful and competitive, flirt boldly, be direct/clear (don't beat around the bush. It Venus is in Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces indicates little happiness from wife, luck favours after marriage, first half of life is full of hurdles and latter full of prosperity. Aries lagna for this Venus causes strifes with wife. If Sun and Mercury are in 2nd or 3rd house, the native is successful in Astrology. Afflicted Venus also indicates homosexual or unnatural mode of sex. Bickerings with.

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  1. Then Venus gets exalted in Pisces and is debilitated in Virgo. Now let's understand how Venus works in 12 zodiac signs. Venus in Astrology: Effects in 12 Signs. The position of Venus will give different results to 12 different zodiac signs. In my view sign only indicates certain characteristics or origin of the event. But the result is always presented by the star lord. So it is important to.
  2. i July is starting off with a bang as Chiron in 29 degrees of Pisces (rounded off from 28 degrees and 52 seconds) stations retrograde at 3:09 a.m. until December 5, 2017 when it stations direct in 24 degrees of Pisces
  3. With Mars, in Cancer, they can get upset by the simplest offense. Mars represents our forceful nature and innermost desires. For Cancer that manifests as emotional manipulation. Rather than be upfront about what they want they're more passive-aggressive. Moody. While other zodiac signs are more fiery when they're angry, that's just not in Cancer's nature. They don't get furious or.
  4. Pisces Pisces natives will host the transit of Venus through their fifth house, which signifies your children and education. Predictions indicate that this Venus transit in Cancer will be quite favourable for Pisces natives as you are more likely to incur benefits in this duration. The time will especially bring favourable results for students.
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Venus in Cancer ♀ 2020. Aug 7 - Sep 6, 2020 . Venus in Cancer is the raw power of WOMAN. Cancer is a mighty ocean, providing unparalleled counsel and support. She is a water sign, like her sisters Scorpio and Pisces. All water signs are emotional and creative in nature. I was born with Venus in Cancer, so for the next month you get to see what it's like to have my softshell crab heart <3. Venus is exalted (dignified) in Pisces because of all the signs in the Zodiac, Pisces has the deepest appreciation and love of art, romance, and anything else they feel is aesthetic. This quality of Pisces Venus relates to, and thus Venus gives affinity to those with this position. Venus in Pisces natives like music that makes them feel like they can escape into a different world. This is why. Venus is retro in Pisces. Postulate 2: Venus with Mars is most dangerous combination for sexual matters in most cases giving swing either way as excesses. The ascendant lord is also in Debility with Venus. Postulate 3: Saturn aspects this combination. In Navamsa the combination is in Aquarius Saturn replacing Mars and Mars aspecting the trio. Case Study 2: Postulate 1: Venus with Ketu in. VENUS IN PISCES WEAKNESSES: Have unrealistic expectations in love; inhabit an unreal, fantasy world; can be doormats and victims; prone to escapist habits and addictions. VENUS IN PISCES ATTRACTIONS: People with Venus in Pisces are sexually attractive to those with Mars in Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio and Virgo

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NEW VIDEO POSTED: VENUS IN PISCES III - 2021 TRANSITS. In this video, we explore the transits of Venus through the third decan of Pisces: Mar. 13-21, 2021, through Archetypal Symbolism, Tarot, Fixed Stars & the I-Ching. Mars in Cancer Meaning, Natal Birth Chart, Mars Astrology Free Interpretations. Free Online Astrology, Natal Birth Chart Meanings and Interpretations. Mars in Cancer - Seek and meet people born on the same date as you. AstroSeek, Free Horoscopes and charts 2021 Astro-Seek.co

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Venus in Pisces ♀ 2021. Feb 25 - Mar 21, 2021. Venus in Pisces makes the heart soft and malleable as the fishes shape-shift from moment to moment. Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac, rainbow fins shining in the starlight. She is not rational or logical, but yielding, ethereal, otherworldly I have Venus, sun and Jupiter in Pisces but Venus is in the 4th house and the others are in 3rd. Scorpio ascendent and also in 12th and Pluto's in Scorpio in 11th, north node 5th house taurus. Sagittarius stellium in 1st house Saturn Mars Moon Uranus, Neptune Capricorn 2nd, Mercury Aries 4th. I don't know why I wrote that. Scorpio ascendent fuels me with hate from my soft side that wants to.

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And also his pisces venus trines my mars in cancer but Im the mars and it says that it will create problems when the female's mars is trine mans venus. What do you think about this? Thank you again ️ ️朗朗 . Uhmm I don't think it's a problem. Like why it would be one? I think in general in synastry the sex/gender isn't important. Because if two men had the same synastry chart as a. Venus in Cancer and the Moon in Taurus or Libra; Mars in Cancer and the Moon in Aries or Scorpio; Jupiter in Cancer and the Moon in Sagittarius or Pisces; Saturn in Cancer and the Moon in Capricorn or Aquarius ; Uranus in Cancer and the Moon in Aquarius; Neptune in Cancer and the Moon in Pisces; Leo. The Moon in Leo and the Sun in Cancer; Mercury in Leo and the Sun in Virgo; Venus in Leo and. Health may need extra care and precautions during this phase as the influence of Venus in Pisces may affect your health. Cancer. For the Cancer moon sign, Venus is the lord of the 4th and 11th house. Venus, during its transit in Pisces, will transit in the 9th house of your horoscope. The house is associated with higher education, long-distance. Mars in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces. A spiritual aspect that brings mystical energy into our lives. It's a good day for a Tarot reading. 02. Venus enters Cancer. In this private sign, Venus makes us more nurturing, empathic, and sentimental towards our home life and loved ones for the next four weeks. 03. Sun in Gemini trine Saturn in Aquarius. This is an ideal time to focus on future goals. I have the same venus /mars and venus / plutoand while Im ultimately a balanced libra i do have somw secret stalker and obsessive tendencies when love breaks down, before i come back to balance..and i know i always will. But as a libra sun conjunct pluto, my venus in Scorpio is intense and it makes me far from a typical cool hearted, balanced libra lol.ive so much pluto and venus. VENUS IN CANCER. Keynote: Affections are maternal and sympathetic. Symbol: A woman decorates a cake with pink sugar roses. Feminine Venus fares well in Moon-ruled Cancer because both are concerned with the processes of reproduction and growth. People born with this placement are sentimental and affectionate with strong family ties, especially to the mother. Money and property are likely to.

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