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Great Prices On Dragon Ball Super Saiyan. Find It On eBay. Everything You Love On eBay. Check Out Great Products On eBay Free delivery over £40 to most of UK. Top Brands. Great Deals. Large Selection. Buy Home Furniture & Decor Online Now. Exclusive Sales Launch Daily Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 - How to Get Super Saiyan To unlock the Super Saiyan transformation for your custom character you need to be a member of the Saiyan race. Unfortunately no other races can become Super Saiyan, but there are advantages to the other races in the game One of the main reasons people play Saiyan in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is to go Super Saiyan, just like characters in the show. There is good news this time around, it doesn't require doing Parallel Quest and hoping you get lucky enough to get it How To Go Super Saiyan 2 In Dragon Ball Xenoverse There are two methods to getting Super Saiyan 2 just like getting Super Saiyan. The first method is the easiest method but takes more time and costs 100000$ in the shop. After you beat Kid Buu you can go to the shop and pick this up

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Entscheidet ihr euch in Dragon Ball - Xenoverse 2 für die heroische Klasse der Saiyajin, könnt ihr eine Transformation freischalten, mit deren Hilfe ihr ein Super-Saiyajin werden könnt. Dafür müsst.. Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2: Super-Saiyajin werden - das müsst ihr beachten Seid ihr ein Super-Saiyajin, seht ihr nicht nur cool aus. Alle Attribute erhalten einen Boost, sodass ihr nicht nur mehr.. While you won't be able to achieve Ultra Instinct status in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, you are able to achieve another major transformation introduced in Dragon Ball Super's Universal Survival arc. Do you want to be as buffed as out the Prince Of All Saiyans was when he took on Jiren? Well you can do it in this game. 3 Reach Level 9 I'm going to go over examples of how to build your character if you are a Saiyan and why they are good ideas. You can check out my guide on Racial Bonuses to get a better idea of the bonuses Saiyans get.. This guide will go over building Saiyan characters in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 including Super saiyan !!!!! My video I made today, MAKE SURE TO LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE :) !!! Ask me any questions u may have in the comments. I'll try my be..

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  1. There is a new Super Saiyan form in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 called Future Super Saiyan. This one is can easily be missed by anyone not completing all the side content. Check out this guide to figure out How To Unlock Future Super Saiyan In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2
  2. Transformations including Super Saiyan through Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken x10
  3. To get Super Saiyan there are certain standards that have to be met. Step 1: First go to Capsule Corporation and talk to Vegeta. Once you do this you must sp..
  4. Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 features the power and play style of the Super Saiyan and their transformation level. The game follows the same concept as the show and divided the power level of the.
  5. The Super Saiyan line focuses on boosted melee attacks with a modest boost to ki attacks. They're faster and will use a Z vanish to close in for melee attacks at moderately close-mid ranges...

However, thanks to the latest update in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, you can also go Super Saiyan Blue in this game, too. In Xenoverse 2, any Saiyan character is now able to achieve this lofty form as.. Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2: Alle verzerrten Eier (Zeit-Eier) finden, das alternative Ende Transformation Super Saiyajin 1, 2 und 3 freischalten Um eine Super-Saiyajin-Verwandlung freizuschalten muss..

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So my first character is an earthling and obviously cant use super saiyan transformation. but he can use kaioken. From what I noticed by playing as super saiyans in parralel quests (trunks for example) you just stay in super saiyan form for ever as long as your ki doesnt run out. Kaioken drains your stanima in about 5 seconds and then its over So my last build wasn't good enough for you? Wasn't offensive enough? WELL HERE YOU GO! A NEW BUILD MEANT TO HIT LIKE A TRUCK AND PUNISH ANY FOOLISH HUMAN TH.. For Dragon Ball: Xenoverse 2 on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled All Super Saiyans, Kaiokens and Potential Unleashed stats INSIDE!

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 - HOW TO UNLOCK SUPER SAIYAN 3Today I'll be showing you all briefly how to get Super Saiyan 3 in Xenoverse 2. Super Saiyan 3 isn't al.. The Super Saiyan is the legendary form of the saiyan race. It gives a powerful boost to your attack, ki attacks, and speed. Some ki attacks will even change to have you teleport to your enemy when.. In Dragon Ball Xenoverse zum Super Saiyajin zu werden, ist nicht ganz so zeitaufwändig, wie man vielleicht vermuten darf, dafür ist es aber auch ein wenig vom Zufall abhängig Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan (Evolved), or Super Saiyan Blue (Evolved) is an Awoken Skill exclusive to Saiyan CaCs. Although, Vegeta also uses this form, only his playable pre-transformed version is available, and thus he does not reap the benefits of the transformation. 1 In Game Data 2 Properties 3 Usage Tips 4 Trivia Description: Surpass your limits to protect those close to you! You will.

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Tu peux t'abonner ici: http://bit.ly/2b6mv2f Twitter: https://twitter.com/IILilian31II Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/IILilian31II Instagram: h.. DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2 > General Discussions > Topic Details. UHH QUE BUENA KILL. Feb 1, 2019 @ 12:08pm How to unlock Super Saiyan God? I read it was via beating mission 67 were you fight SSJ God Goku, i beat it like 5 time i got a C or less but i couldn't unlock the SSJ God, any help? edit. The following is IGN's guide to Parallel Quest 24 Super Saiyan Legend in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. Help Goku unlock the legendary warrior within his heart as you battle against Frieza and his. In Dragon Ball Super Xenoverse 2, getting Super Saiyan is an arduous task. It's been few days since Dragon Ball Super Xenoverse 2 released. Players found this game very appealing and they will.

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Xenoverse 1. Usable by: Saiyans; Ki Used: 300; While transformed, the character will receive a slight damage boost to Strike skill powers than Super Saiyan, all Super and Ultimate Attacks will cost no Ki and the character's Ki will deplete on it's own. Ki can still be recovered by using an Energy Charge skill, or using Drain Charge or Hyper. Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 SSGSS or Super Saiyan Blue is out right now with the release of the update 1.14 patch notes.This is the God mode transformation that famously was revealed in the. This takes place after the Cell Saga in Dragon Ball Xenoverse. The Super Saiyan skill will be available to buy at the skill shop for 50,000 Zeni. The easiest method is to just buy the skill. There is no chance in this one, just get through the story far enough for it to be in the shop. Super Saiyan 2 Method 1 - Available during the Cell Saga. Go to the 4-star Parallel Quest - The Cell Games. Super Saiyajin 2? (Dragon Ball - Xenoverse) Die Quest ist übertrieben schwer meiner Meinung nach, hab mit Level 65 arge Probleme meine beiden Kameraden am Leben zu halten damit ich nicht 1 gegen.

New Super Saiyan GOD Pack In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Mods! Hope you guys enjoy and thanks for watching! Stay tuned for more Dragon Ball Xenoverse.. «Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Evolved Vegeta» erscheint diesen Sommer. Der DLC-Charakter für Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 ist kostenpflichtig. Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 erhält einen Neuzugang. Der DLC-Charakter trägt den langen Namen «Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Evolved Vegeta». Den Kämpfer gibt es ab diesem Sommer zu kaufen

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Guide: How to Unlock Super Saiyan

  1. d. Level 40 und ein Saiyajin sein. Schließe die Mission von Vegeta in der Capsule Corporation ab. Rede danach mit Vegeta, Bulma, Trunks und zuletzt nochmal mit Vegeta. Gewinne den Kampf gegen SSJ Son-Goku und Vegeta: Super Vegeta 1, 2: Du musst
  2. Gogeta Super Saiyan 4. Ihr könnt die Shenron Wünsche benutzten um Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta freizuschalten! Um den Wunsch nach Shenron gewährt zu bekommen, müsst ihr alle 7 Dragon Balls sammeln. Dragon Balls sind Belohnungen von den Parallel Quests, nach dem Abschluss Check in der Tasche, drückt RB / R1-Taste
  3. This mod brings the fearsome force of Gohan in a black form, transformed to Super Saiyan Rose power, to your Xenoverse 2 crew. Unload your might upon your enemies and watch them crumble under your feet as Justice gives way to ferocity and power. Yakon [Mod] Posted over 3 years ago; 380 downloads; The world is full of light, which is just perfect for a monster like Yakon. This darkness-dwelling.

How To Unlock Super Saiyan 2 In Dragon Ball Xenovers

The Dragon Ball Super manga brought several new characters and transformations into Dragon Ball. But not all of them are available in Xenoverse 2. This mod by M-Warrior helps bolster the Dragon Ball Super representation in XV2 by introducing some new characters and several transformations not yet present in the game In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, Black Kamehameha appears as an Ultimate Skill for Goku Black in his base form (only in Pre-Order/DLC) under the name Super Black Kamehameha.As a result, the variation used by Black in his Super Saiyan Rosé form appears under the name Super Black Kamehameha Rosé to differentiate between the two skills. Unlike the Rosé version, the Super Black Kamehameha has a dark. How to unlock the This is the New Super Saiyan Blue! achievement in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2: Collect 70 different Hero Colosseum figures and talk to Osh Dragon Ball Xenoverse (20x Kaioken, ssj, super vegeta) lmmer wenn ich die pq mache, wo man die transformationen 20x kaioken, ssj und super vegeta bekommt, es erfulle bekomme ich die transformationen nicht. Ich erfulle auch alle bedinugen und schliese es z.b mit S ab aber ich bekomm die transform Nicht. Ich hab die pq so oft mit allen bedingunge abgeschlossen ssjn son goku besiegt 4-5 mal oder. Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is a sequel to Dragon Ball Xenoverse, once again developed by Dimps for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows (via Steam).A Nintendo Switch version was confirmed on 13th January 2017, released on September 22nd of the same year. This version will support local multiplayer in all of the Switch's play modes. Also, a Google Stadia was released on December 17.

Stream Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 OST- Become Villanious (Super Saiyan Rosé Goku Black theme) HQ.mp3 by Unluckykid129 from desktop or your mobile devic Die Seite Saiyanisland.com hat einen Teil des Charakter-Rosters aus Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 veröffentlicht. Die gewaltige Liste zeigt vorab 68 der verfügbaren Figuren aus der Dragonball-Welt. Ende Oktober ertönt der Gong für die zweite Runde Dragon Ball Xenoverse. Wer ein echter Dragonball-Fan ist, der möchte natürlich auch gern im Vorfeld schon wissen, mit welchen Figuren das Spiel.

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  1. TOP 14: Dragon ball xenoverse 2 trainer analysiert Erfahrungsberichte von Kunden Breaker 30 cm - Super Saiyan Vegeta Blue - Figuren von Bandai Blue Riesenfigur 30 cm Super Limit Breaker der Hand Sammle. Gogeta SSGSS Grandista Resolution of Soldiers. Dragon Ball Super. Was sagen Menschen, die Tests mit Dragon ball xenoverse 2 trainer gemacht haben? Forschungsergebnisse zeigen, dass fast.
  2. In diesem Winter wird das Extra Pack 4 für DragonBall Xenoverse 2 (ab 42,49€ bei kaufen) auf PC, PS4, Switch und Xbox One erscheinen.Mit der Erweiterung wird man als Broly in seiner Super.
  3. Super Saiyan God Vegeta für Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 bestätigt Weitere Inhalte enthüllt . Letzter Beitrag 17. Apr 2019 / 20:30. Neue Details zum Extra-Pack 2 für Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Kostenloses Update ebenfalls unterwegs . Letzter Beitrag 14. Feb 2018 / 17:45. Update für Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 ab heute Mit Hero Colosseum . Letzter Beitrag 28. Nov 2017 / 20:52. Home; Dragon Ball.
  4. TOP 6 MOST DAMAGING STRIKE SUPERS! Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. UNBELIEVABLE CELL X - Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Mods | Pungence. RAGE UNLEASHED! Super Saiyan Rage CaC Transformation! | Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Mods . NEW PARALLEL QUEST! Gogeta Vs Broly, The Final Battle! | Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Mods. Cac Transformations SSJ1-SSJ2-SSJ3-SSJ4-SSJ5-SSG-SSB-SSB Kaioken & Ultra Instinct | Xenoverse 2.
  5. Dragon Ball XenoVerse 2 is an action-fighting game with RPG and MMO elements developed by Dimps and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment.Dragon Ball XenoVerse 2 is a direct sequel to the (formerly) highest-selling Dragon Ball game ever, 2015's Dragon Ball XenoVerse

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Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2: Super Baby 2 DLC Announced http://www.animegamesonline.com/2018/06/dragon-ball-xenoverse-2-super-baby-2-dlc-announced In Dragon Ball GT wird angedeutet, Pan könne sich nicht in einen Super-Saiyajin verwandeln, da sie lediglich zu einem Viertel Saiyajin sei. Gegen diese Vermutung spricht jedoch die Tatsache, dass.

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Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 - Find All Distorted Time Eggs, Unlock Bardock Super Saiyan 3, Secret Ending Find out how to collect all five Time Eggs and unlock the secret ending to Xenoverse 2. Published Nov. 7, 2016, 9:14 p.m. about Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. by Shirley Chu. As you progress through the main story of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 you will be tasked with collecting five distorted Time Eggs. Super Saiyan Vegeta Limit Breaker und der Serie Dragon Sammelfigur aus alle Dragon Ball. vs Goku & ABYstyle - Dragon. 26 x 14 100% offiziell Sehr praktisch mit . Banpresto Dragon Ball GT BLOOD OF. 100% Original BANPRESTO STATUETTE / Banpresto Dragon Ball. Figure Japan. vs Goku & - Kulturbeutel Broly. 26 x 14 100% offiziell Kit leicht handhaben. Erfahrungen mit Dragon ball xenoverse 2 review.

SSGSS Goku (Blue God) How to Get SSGSS Vegeta (Blue God) How to Get Golden Form for Freiza Race How to Unlock Super Saiyan 3 Bardock How to Unlock Super Vegeta Where to Find Steve Aoki and What He Does Check back for more updates to this wiki with guides and tips! DBZ, dragon ball z, Guide, how, Release Date, what, when, xenoverse 2 Corey Feldma The player's equipment consists of a worn costume, an accessory, and a Z-Soul. 1 Costume sets 1.1 Rank 1 1.2 Rank 2 1.3 Rank 3 1.4 Rank 4 1.5 Rank 5 2 Accessories 3 Z-Souls *Requires GT DLC 1 **Requires GT DLC 2 *Requires GT DLC 1 *Requires GT Pack 1 DLC **Requires GT Pack 2 DLC ***Requires Movie Costume Pack DLC (Free) ****Requires Resurrection F Pack DLC See: Accessories See: Z-Soul

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Reporte von Nutzern über Dragon ball xenoverse 2 dragonball farmen. Um zweifelsohne davon ausgehen zu können, dass die Wirkung von Dragon ball xenoverse 2 dragonball farmen auch in der Praxis stark ist, empfiehlt es sich ein Auge auf Beiträge aus sozialen Medien und Resümees von Anwendern zu werfen.Studien können fast nie als Hilfe genutzt werden, da sie ausgesprochen teuer sind und. Dragonball Xenoverse 2 findet statt im universum von Xenoverse grafik verbessert, dass sie porterá in der welt von Dragon Ball mehr detaillierte jemals entwickelt wurde. Sie ermöglicht die erkundung einer neuen stadt, passen sie genau ihren charakter und wählen sie zwischen einer vielzahl von neuen funktionen. Erleben sie die geschichte von. Dragonball Xenoverse 2. Jetzt Dragonball Xenoverse 2 kaufen! Bei uns bekommen Sie den Key für die Aktivierung des Spiels von BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment innerhalb der oben angegebenen Lieferzeit direkt per Email zugesendet. Reise in verbesserter Grafik durch die Geschichte von Dragonball und beschütze historische Momente des Dragonball-Universums Der Super Saiyan God treibt in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 bald sein Unwesen Wenn dies Dein erster Besuch hier ist, lese bitte zuerst die Hilfe - Häufig gestellte Fragen durch. Du musst dich registrieren , bevor Du Beiträge verfassen kannst

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Achievements . In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 gibt es 61 Erfolge (Achievements) mit insgesamt 1.300 Gamerscore-Punkten. Erfüllt die folgenden Aufgaben und sichert euch die entsprechenden Erfolge bzw. Gamerscore-Punkte: 15. Prologue to Battle! Complete Raditz's Attack.. 15. The Saiyan Legend Reborn! Complete The Saiyan. Mai Dragon Ball - Xenoverse: Suche Fähigkeiten die eine 20er combo machen, gut treffen und dabei auch 80% trefferrate mache Neben dem normalen Ende von Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 könnt ihr noch ein geheimes Ende freischalten, welches Unlock the awoken skill of the Super Saiyan Blue (SSGSS) : Once your friendship with Whis is at its maximum and you've reached level 90 with your Dragon Ball.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 (PC) received mostly positive reviews from game critics and gamers. Players and critics in their reviews usually point out that Xenoverse 2 is one of the best anime games created in the last few years. Furthermore, they also loved the fact, that Xenoverse 2 upgraded all aspects of the first game that needed polishing. In contrast, some fans of the Dragon Ball series. 1 Features 2 Characters 2.1 Anime/Manga Characters 2.2 Game Characters 2.3 Characters from Fanon 2.4 Movie Characters 2.5 NPC only 2.6 Giant Bosses 2.7 Available EX-Fusions 3 Sagas 3.1 Future Universe 1 Saga 3.2 Future Super Buu Saga 3.3 Ozotto Saga 3.4 Battle of the Heroes Saga A New main hub that is 2 times bigger than Conton City. Called Mono (物) (A Pun to Tsukemono; Pickles) which is run. Erfahrungsberichte zu Dragon ball xenoverse 2 season pass details analysiert. Um definitiv davon ausgehen zu können, dass ein Heilmittel wie Dragon ball xenoverse 2 season pass details wirkt, müssen Sie sich die Ergebnisse und Meinungen anderer Männer im Netz anschauen.Studien können fast nie dazu benutzt werden, denn in der Regel werden diese nur mit verschreibungspflichtigen Mitteln. Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Geld Cheat. Holt euch das Battle Suit (Turles) indem ihr Parallel Quest 12: Simian Battlefront spielt. Dort erhaltet ihr das Battle Suit (Turles) und andere Shard & Crystal Artikel. Zum Beispiel: Indem ihr die Quest immer und immer wieder für etwa 1 bis 2 Stunden spielt, erhaltet ihr etwa alle 3 Minuten einen Battle Suit (Turles), der auf über 20.000.

Trophäen-Leitfaden - Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 1x 2x 11x 36x = 50 Trophäen-Infos: Offline-Trophäen: 46 Online-Trophäen: 4 Verpassbare Trophäen: 0 Verbuggte Trophäen: 0 Automatische Trophäen: 11 Allgemeine Infos: Für Platin muss man mit jeder der fünf Rassen bis zu dem Punkt spielen, an dem man die. Dragon ball xenoverse 2 erfolge hegen, fehlt Ihnen womöglich lediglich der Anreiz, um in der Tat etwas zu berichtigen. Doch sehen wir uns die Aussagen anderer Konsumenten einmal präziser an. Soldiers Son Gokou Grandista Resolution of. Maße: ca. 28 Gokou Material: PVC . Super Broly Figure Gogeta SSGSS Grandista. Soldiers Son Gokou. Figur mit. In Versandhäusern ist es bequem möglich zu. Natürlich werden wir Super Dragon Ball Heroes, Xenoverse 2 und FighterZ weiter unterstützen, aber dieses Information ist etwas gänzlich anderes. Er sagte weiter, dass diese Information Dragon. Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Trophies . In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 könnt ihr 61 Trophäen (Trophies) freischalten. Die folgende Liste zeigt euch alle Trophäen und die Bedingungen zum Freischalten auf einen Blick. Bye Bye, Xenoverse Obtained all trophies! Prologue to Battle! Complete Raditz's Attack.. The Saiyan Legend Reborn! Complete The. Complete the mission with Vegeta, then talk to Bulma, then Trunks, then go back to Vegeta for the final battle between Goku, Vegeta, and your character. They will then teach you the Awoken skill, allowing you to use Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 2, and Super Saiyan 3. Super Vegeta: Unlock Super Saiyan, then reach Level 60. You will get a.

Games Dragon Ball: Xenoverse 2 eher als Fan-Service sehen, ist man bei 4players.de der Meinung, dass Publisher Bandai Namco, angetrieben durch den Erfolg des Vorgängers, noch etwas Geld aus dem Titel holen wollte. Kundenmeinungen (46) Durchschnitt aus 46 Meinungen . 37 . 8 . 0 . 0 . 1. Produktmeinung auf idealo verfassen . Alle Meinungen. Testberichte - von uns für Dich zusammengefasst. Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 - [Nintendo Switch] - Kostenloser Versand ab 29€. Jetzt bei Amazon.de bestellen Breaker 30 cm - Super Saiyan Vegeta Blue - Limit Breaker und Figuren von Bandai Blue Riesenfigur 30 cm Super Limit Breaker Sammelfigur aus. Türposter - Gruppe. Laminierung Dimensionen : Poster mit einer. Wir haben im großen Dragon ball xenoverse 2 review switch Vergleich uns jene relevantesten Artikel angeschaut und die nötigen Eigenschaften gegeneinander. Die Relevanz des Vergleihs ist. First and foremost your dragon ball xenoverse 2 character should be a saiyan. In dragon ball super xenoverse 2 getting super saiyan is an arduous task. We ll have more on dragon ball xenoverse 2 over the coming days and weeks. Players found this game very appealing and they will. After you beat that mission you will return to the future and play as future gohan facing the androids. Dragon ball.

Dragon Ball: Battle Of Z is far from a great game, but an interesting piece of bonus content to the game was a version of Goku who donned the costume of another Shonen Jump manga icon, Naruto.Thanks to the user responsible for this mod, players can now use Sage Mode Goku!. RELATED: Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2: A Guide To Unlocking Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan The contents of the third DLC pack for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 have been revealed in the pages of V-Jump-- via Siliconera-- and include new characters and forms, like the Super Saiyan Rose Goku Black that was the main antagonist of the Future Trunks arc in Dragon Ball Super.. DLC Pack 3 will bring Zamasu, Goku Black in his Super Saiyan Rose form, and Bojack as playable characters

BARDOCK SUPER SAIYAN 3 SECRET MISSION! | Dragon BallDragon Ball Xenoverse 2: Broly Super Saiyan Full Power

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. close. Games. videogame_asset My games. When logged in, you can choose up to 12 games that will be displayed as favourites in this menu. chevron_left . chevron_right. Recently added 23 View all 1,271. Log in to view your list of favourite games. View all games. Mods. Browse all chevron_right; Browse all chevron_right. New chevron_right. Trending chevron_right. Most. Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 - Find All Distorted Time Eggs, Unlock Bardock Super Saiyan 3, Secret Ending Time Rifts. Once you start moving through the main story in Xenoverse 2 you will get to a point in which five time rifts... Collect the Corrupted Time Eggs. Occasionally you'll complete a quest and. I'm Super Saiyan Goku! 2 --2--4-Super Saiyan skill active May only be used by Saiyans. Greatly increases strike super Parallel Quest 16: I'll never forgive you now... 2 3---2-2-2: Allies KO'd, for every KO'd Increase all stat, recover max ki Parallel Quest 21: That's enough of a warmup 2 -2-2-2-2-2-2: Time(s) in battle Slightly increase all stat Parallel Quest 23: No more games... 2 ---4: 4-5.

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